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CyberKnife® Center

The CyberKnife® Center at Stamford Hospital is the only CyberKnife in the Greater Fairfield County area, providing convenient access for patients from Connecticut, Westchester County, New York City and beyond. CyberKnife provides focused, non-invasive radiation treatment that targets tumors with pinpoint precision while keeping the effects on surrounding tissue to a minimum. This treatment option offers new hope for people who have inoperable tumors or for whom surgery is an undesirable option.

Learn more about Frank's experience at the CyberKnife® Center >

CyberKnife is mounted on a robotic arm that moves around the patient, and can be used to treat brain, liver, lung, spine, prostate and other cancers.

CyberKnife may be used to treat noncancerous tumors, vascular malformations and neuralgia, as well as malignant growths.

Patient Experience
Our expert, compassionate care team provides a full course of treatment in five visits or less, with no need for anesthesia or a screwed-in rigid frame.
Tom Furlong "couldn't be happier" with the outcome from his CyberKnife treatment, or the level of care he received at the CyberKnife Center.