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Hospitalists are among our most influential physicians when it comes to delivering a patient-centered care experience consistent with our mission as a Planetree hospital. They work with a patient’s regular doctor to help the patient get better faster, get home sooner and experience a more positive hospital stay.

What Do Hospitalists Do?

Stamford Hospital hospitalists are board-certified, on-site internal medicine physicians and nurse practitioners who do not have a medical practice outside the hospital. Hospitalists are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week. They will follow patients from admission to discharge, visiting often and spending extended time with them to ensure they’re getting the best possible care. They also provide expert direct care and coordinate needed lab work, diagnostic tests like x-rays, and other specialty care. They interpret test results and work with the patient’s primary care doctor to develop treatment plans.

Hospitalists are also there to ease patients’ or loved ones’ concerns by answering questions and providing other necessary personal attention. At discharge, hospitalists help ensure a smooth transition home by scheduling needed follow-up appointments and providing the patient’s primary care physician with a detailed report of that patient’s hospital stay.

Hospitalists also care for patients who don’t have a regular physician and serve as liaisons to Stamford Hospital’s physician referral service. In addition, hospitalists respond to calls for assistance for any inpatient and serve as team leaders for the Cardiac Arrest and Rapid Response teams.

Specially trained pediatric hospitalists are on-site 24 hours per day, seven days per week to work with children in all areas of the hospital. Learn more about our pediatric hospitalists.

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