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Structural Empowerment and Nursing Recognition

Structural empowerment promotes professional development and provides for nurse recognition.  Information and decision making is bi-directional and is evidenced in the Shared Governance model that exists at Stamford Hospital.
Shared Governance empowers individuals to make solid decisions at the point of care through:
  • Shared Leadership
  • Collective Wisdom
  • Measuring Practice Against Standards
  • Evaluation Effectiveness
  • Improving Processes and Practice
    • M. Koloroutis (2004)
Through Shared Governance, Stamford Hospital has created an environment that supports nurses as they pursue advanced education and professional standing. Flexible scheduling, tuition reimbursement and a supportive leadership team has resulted in nurses enrolling in advanced degree programs at record rates.  And the investment in tuition reimbursement toward an advanced nursing degree is consistent with Stamford Hospital’s culture of supporting and valuing continuous learning.
Our Professional Development Program is designed to recognize the direct care professional nursing staff for advanced performance and leadership qualities. Objectives include the following:
  • Promote excellence in practice to assure quality patient and family care
  • Develop and recognize excellence in leadership
  • Keep the expert nurse in direct patient care
  • Encourage personal and professional development
  • Facilitate career advancement
  • Support retention and recruitment

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