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Healthcare Professionals

Stamford Hospital Nurses

What nurses are most proud of at Stamford Hospital is that they can and do have an impact on patient care. Through the growth, development and evaluation of the Shared Governance model and the work of our nursing councils, our nurses excel through their readiness to learn, research and implement change at the bedside to improve care for their patients.

Professional Practice Model

Vision: To be the regional leader for compassionate, innovative, quality nursing practice across the continuum of care.

Mission: We are committed to providing the highest level of patient-family centered care through evidence based practice, collaboration and advancement in professional nursing care in a culturally sensitive environment to achieve exceptional outcomes for our community
Philosophy: We believe in:
  • Supporting a professional  nursing model that includes an evidence-based practice environment, professional development and communication through interprofessional relationships.
  • A shared governance practice environment
  • Patient-family centered care 
  • Respecting cultural diversity
  • Providing safe, compassionate care
  • Partnering with the community to promote health and wellness 
  • Life long learning for nurses, patients and families
  • Acting as patient advocates
  • Achieving exceptional, quality outcomes for our patients
  • Acting in alignment with the organization’s core values
At Stamford Hospital, we work diligently to “hardwire” behavior that improves our culture of Quality, Safety and Service. Key initiatives include:
  • Hourly rounding
  • Post-discharge phone calls to ensure patients are recovering and following their plan of care post-hospitalization
  • MRSA screening and improved hand hygiene leading to a reduction in hospital-acquired infections
  • Bedside Medication Verification, enabling caregivers to utilize barcode scanning to ensure correct medications and dosages for each patient
  • Enhanced fall risk assessment and interventions to reduce falls 
  • Improved patient throughput in the ED, resulting in a reduction in transfer time for admitted patients 
This level of excellence is not an accident.  Only exceptional nurses can deliver exceptional patient-centered care.  We work hard to attract the highest quality nurses, provide opportunities for their continuing education and training, and support their professional goals. Just as important, we offer a culture where any improvement in the patient experience is celebrated. 
At Stamford Hospital, our nurses continually live our values of respect, accountability, teamwork, compassion and integrity, while meeting the challenges of a demanding yet rewarding profession.

For more information about Nursing Opportunities at Stamford Hospital, contact Human Resources at 203.276.7590

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